Iranian Piarom dates, also known as “Maryami” dates, are a sought-after delicacy known for their exquisite taste and unique characteristics. These dates are primarily grown in the southern regions of Iran, particularly in the provinces of Hormozgan and Bushehr. What sets Iranian Piarom dates apart from other date varieties is their elongated shape, dark brown to almost black color, and their exceptional sweetness, which has earned them the nickname “chocolate dates.”

One of the distinguishing features of Iranian Piarom dates is their natural sweetness. They are known for their caramel-like flavor, which makes them a popular choice for those with a sweet tooth. These dates are often consumed as a delicious snack or used to sweeten various dishes and desserts. Due to their high sugar content, they are sometimes referred to as the “candy of nature.”

In addition to their delightful taste, Iranian Piarom dates are also prized for their nutritional value. They are rich in essential nutrients such as potassium, fiber, and various vitamins and minerals. These dates provide a quick energy boost and are often consumed by athletes and individuals seeking a healthy, natural source of energy. Moreover, they are considered a healthier alternative to refined sugar and are often used in various culinary applications.

The cultivation of Iranian Piarom dates is a significant part of the local economy in southern Iran. Farmers carefully nurture the date palm trees, tending to them with great care to ensure a bountiful harvest. The dates are typically harvested in late summer and early fall and are then processed and packaged for distribution worldwide. Their unique combination of taste, nutritional value, and cultural significance has made Iranian Piarom dates a prized delicacy enjoyed by people around the globe.


Type: Fresh dates, moisture less than 20%
Color: Dark brown
Calibration: 2-4 cm
Harvest: Mid-September
Shelf life: 24 months